Finding Nevo

director ····· Karma Swearky
production ····················· MET
published ·················· not yet
format ························ digital

a story of a girl that came to germany for a brighter future gets help by her colleague to find Nevo, the solution she is hoping a for.⁠
We shot this film on a RED Dragon with Hawk V-Plus Anamorphics searching for a moody look and a fragile camera language.

····· Finding Nevo ····· director Karma Swearky ····· format RED Dragon & HAWK V-Plus Anamorphics ·····

the silence between two songs

director ·········· ······ ··· ······· Monica Lima
production ····················· Xenia Brauer
format ········ 16mm kodak 250D & 500T

portuguese brother and sister in berlin with a deep connection at a crossroad in their life feeling their fraternal love fading. talented director/writer Monica Lima aimed for a very intimate storytelling focused on the close connection of both characters. We got inspired by "Nénette et Boni" and Wong Kar-Wais movies and chose to shoot on long lenses diving in this feeling where nothing around can distract you. shot on ARRI/ZEISS Ultra Prime Lenses and scanned on ARRIscan by cinepost.GEYER Berlin.

····· the silence between two songs ····· director Monica Lima ····· format 16mm Kodak 250D & 500T ·····

Insomnia Berlin

director ··········· Lorenzo Gandolfo
production ···········Breitband Film
published ················· ········· 2019
format ····················· RED Helium

We had the rare chance to shoot a colorful commercial for the underground nightclub ‘Insomnia’ in Berlin to bring this hidden scene in some spotlight. We challenged ourselves to give this kinky spot a positive and curious approach.

····· Insomnia (DP Snippet) ····· director Lorenzo Gandolfo ····· production Breitband Film ·····

Children - Hearts

director ············· Tanja Egen
production ··············· Children
published ·················· 2019
format ················· digital

This musicvideo ‘Hearts’ performed by children from Berlin (Germany) was produced for their upcoming album focusing on their positive vibes. We decided to mix 1.33 and 2.35 formats and experiment with framing for those ratios. The clip screens at the BMVAs 2019.

····· Children - Hearts ····· director Tanja Egen ····· published March 2019 ·····

the Forger (short)

director ·········· Philip Treschan
production ······················ UdK
published ··················· in Post
format ························ digital

Two brothers searching for their way in life, combined as family but seperated by their goals. Philip Treschan created this film with different visual layers showing the figures innerself which gave us the chance to experiment already by choosing untypical locations.

····· the Forger (Snippet) ····· director Philip Treschan ····· production UdK ····· published In Post ·····  format digital ·····