the silence between two songs

director ·········· ······ ··· ······· Monica Lima
production ····················· Xenia Brauer
format ········ 16mm kodak 250D & 500T

portuguese brother and sister in berlin with a deep connection at a crossroad in their life feeling their fraternal love fading. talented director/writer Monica Lima aimed for a very intimate storytelling focused on the close connection of both characters. We got inspired by "Nénette et Boni" and Wong Kar-Wais movies and chose to shoot on long lenses diving in this feeling where nothing around can distract you. shot on ARRI/ZEISS Ultra Prime Lenses and scanned on ARRIscan by cinepost.GEYER Berlin.

····· the silence between two songs ····· director Monica Lima ····· format 16mm Kodak 250D & 500T ·····