Taschengeld (short)

director ·············· Annika Pinske
production ····················dffb
published ···················· 2015
format ·················· ARRI Alexa
This short is dealing with a life changing experience in this girls young life. It takes place in a rough environment and handling the thin line close to clichés extremly well thanks to Annika Pinskes outstanding directing. It had it’s premiere during the Cannes Film Festival in the ‘Shorttiger’ section. My aim was to achieve a rough look that kept telling the story from the young girls perspective and finding a language of  very serried pictures in her world keeping the viewer on the thin line of her journey denying other opportunities. Its premiere was at Cannes’ International Film Festival 2015 in the shorttiger section as kickoff to a huge international festival success.

····· Taschengeld (Teaser) ····· director Annika Pinske ····· format ARRI Alexa ·····